Full length: (90 mins.) ... Date: ( 2008) ... Source: https://youtu.be/6nNFmzAOtJI

In 2007 Monsanto was fined for falsely advertised its herbicide as "biodegradable" and claimed it "left the soil clean".
Filmmaker Marie-Monique Robin won the 2009 Rachel Carson Prize for this work. She also released a companion book ... see Links

Monsanto, Roundup-ready & Glyphoste

A three-year investigation into Monsanto corporate practices

Important 'whistleblower' documentary on the use and promotion of Roundup (glyphosate) and genetically-modified (GMO) seeds. It looks also back at other environmental-health disasters casues by Monsanto ... polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), Agent Orange, and bovine growth hormone.

The film focuses on claims that its collusion with governments, pressure tactics, suppression and manipulation of scientific data, and extra-legal practices has aided the company's attempts at dominating global agriculture.

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WISH LIST - Location: Paeroa, NZ. The requirements below are located within 4-12 kilometres of Paeroa town centre. Our housing: 4-bedroom house with attached cottage; warm, quiet, private, with sunny garden area and 4-24 healthy fruit trees; Our covered areas: 1 double garage; 1 drive-in workshop (84-124 square metres); 2 storage sheds (each 48-96 square metres); 1 green house (48-124 square metres, working); Our land: 4-12 hectares of fertile, sheltered, well-drained, well-fenced, gently sloping farmland.

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Source ... → Documentary Heaven .com About ... → Marie-Monique Robin ...filmmaker Reference ... → GMO Myths and Truths ...report

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Corporatism & Globalisation: (documentaries) - Big-Ag, Big-Food, Big-Pharma ...

Through a technocracy of elites, a UN backed operation called Agenda 21 was initiated to achieve ...
David Icke on Agenda 21
David Icke on Agenda 21
"... all the ways that science has been used and abused in public discourse surrounding the ...
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Food Evolution
Clear warnings from our world’s most vital experts, all demanding the reassessment of GMOs, as hundreds ...
Seeds of Death
Seeds of Death
GMOs - the closely-guarded secrets of the world’s biggest environmental disaster ...
GMOs Revealed
GMOs Revealed
Cannabis has so many uses it was viewed as a serious threat to wealthy industrialists ...
The True History of Marijuana
The True History of Marijuana
Genetic engineering under the magnetic influence of MONEY corrupts scientists ...
The War on Health
The War on Health
Industrialised, tech-based agriculture is the #1 source of environmental pollution ...
Fighting Factory Farming
Fighting Factory Farming
We care for Life - The Power in Caring: A message from Dr Vandana Shiva ...
Care for Life - Vandana Shiva
Care for Life – Vandana Shiva

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