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Getting started? First see → TOOLS

Working with qBitTorrent …

  1. Folder setup

  2. Privacy settings

  3. Security

1. Setting up the folders

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Seeding helps share good ideas.

Although qBittorrent works out of the box it’s best to get your folder system well organised from the outset.

Folders required …

  1. a folder to keep all the  pieces before completion
  2. a folder to store the files after completion
  3. a folder to keep the working torrents
  4. a folder to store the finished torrents

We recommend you keep these folders all in one place – as in the illustration.
They can be easily re-organised later with little disruption.

Categories are optional …
There is a Categories/Subcategories function in qBittorrent for multiple re-directions. This will be covered later.
In the example shown the file outputs are simply being directed to P2P Store.

Linking the folders 
After organising these folders you need to link to them within the programme.
Compare this illustration to the previous one.

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Do the same in qBittorrent by going to → Tools > Options… > Downloads > Saving Management and match the settings accordingly.

A working folder setup

2. Privacy Settings

Maximising security and privacy

We recomend following the maximum security protocols when downloading. It may lower your download speed, butt not necessarily. To start with just follow the settings indicated in this illustration →

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Keep your version of qBitTorrent up to date. There is no cost, all your settings are maintained, and security is the most likely reason for an update.

3. Safety & Searching

Avoiding the risks

No search engine comes with qBitTorrent. It is an add-on functionality. The process of choosing safe files via search requires some experience, caution and an understanding of file extensions. It is a learnable skill but we believe it is unsuited to beginners, so we haven’t included it in this Guide.

Beginners – only open files from a trusted source.
For good software torrents try: Team-OS

Malware files: Unless you are confident about the outcome we advise against opening randomly downloaded files – especially software. The result can be quite catastrophic.

Junk files are extraneous content bundled into a torrent; like web-links, graphics, samples, etc. These can simply be deselected before, or during processing, (see image).

Junk files

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