An optimistic vision for renewable technologies developing into a collaborative global commons.

Rifkin boldly extrapolates to where the world could be in 30 years: 'guardedly hopeful' in his own words.

A Radical New Sharing Economy

Pivotal technologies that may already be defining the future

A recorded lecture by Jeremy Rifkin describing the coming Third Industrial Revolution, extrapolating the convergence of new pivotal technologies. In his field, energy generation, Jeremy is clearly an advanced opinion leader, so it may be a bit blunt to downgrade his beliefs about

  1. egalitarianism through mere connectivity ... The failed vision of the internet becoming a transforming influence upon society is detailed by Adam Curtis in his documentary series, 'Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace, (2011).
  2. buildings being the main cause of global warming [50.00] ... actually agriculture is far worse. Buildings (i.e. cement-making) is now down the list, since it was discovered that concrete reabsorbs about 30% of the CO2 back from the atmosphere, over time.
  3. universal adoption of the smart 'Internet of Things' ... Privacy and health concerns will eventually squish this. See InPower

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WISH LIST - Location: Paeroa, NZ. The requirements below are located within 4-12 kilometres of Paeroa town centre. Our housing: 4-bedroom house with attached cottage; warm, quiet, private, with sunny garden area and 4-24 healthy fruit trees; Our covered areas: 1 double garage; 1 drive-in workshop (84-124 square metres); 2 storage sheds (each 48-96 square metres); 1 green house (48-124 square metres, working); Our land: 4-12 hectares of fertile, sheltered, well-drained, well-fenced, gently sloping farmland.

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Why does money

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Public education which includes controversial viewpoints is a way of fostering a much needed discussion on the world's most important issues.
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