Full length: (49 mins.) ... Date: ( 2016) ... Source: https://youtu.be/AdGWxjQIvAg

Venture into the secretive underground life of a remarkable world that few understand or even realise exists - yet all life on Earth depends on it.

Fungi - More Animal than Plant

The fascinating and-hidden kingdom of fungi

Here Professor Richard Fortey delves into the fascinating kingdom of fungi, revealing a world that few of us realise even exists - and yet all life on Earth totally depends upon it.

In a specially-built mushroom lab, with some state-of-the-art technology, he brings to life the secret world of mushrooms as never seen before, demonstrates their amazing abilities to break down waste and sustain new plant life.

He reveals their world-changing potential - opening up new frontiers in science, medicine and technology.

WISH LIST - Location: Paeroa, NZ. The requirements below are located within 4-12 kilometres of Paeroa town centre. Our housing: 4-bedroom house with attached cottage; warm, quiet, private, with sunny garden area and 4-24 healthy fruit trees; Our covered areas: 1 double garage; 1 drive-in workshop (84-124 square metres); 2 storage sheds (each 48-96 square metres); 1 green house (48-124 square metres, working); Our land: 4-12 hectares of fertile, sheltered, well-drained, well-fenced, gently sloping farmland.

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