Full length: (111 mins.) ... Date: (Oct 1966) ... Source: https://youtu.be/j9qZ5jE_yMw

This documentary is a piercing examination of America's news media - by one of the first people to expose corruption in that business.

George Seldes and the American Press (1996)

George Seldes: controversial journalist

George Seldes - the newspapers censored him heavily so he figured out a way around them -- he started his own newsletter -- well before the internet. It was called 'In Fact: For the Millions Who Want a Free Press'.

  • Sawdust Caesar: The untold history of Mussolini and fascism - 1925
  • Iron, blood and profits: An exposure of the world-wide munitions racket - 1934
  • 1000 Americans: The Real Rulers of the U.S.A. - 2009
  • The Great Thoughts, From Abelard to Zola, from Ancient Greece to Contemporary America, the Ideas that have Shaped the History of the World – 1985

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WISH LIST - Location: Paeroa, NZ. The requirements below are located within 4-12 kilometres of Paeroa town centre. Our housing: 4-bedroom house with attached cottage; warm, quiet, private, with sunny garden area and 4-24 healthy fruit trees; Our covered areas: 1 double garage; 1 drive-in workshop (84-124 square metres); 2 storage sheds (each 48-96 square metres); 1 green house (48-124 square metres, working); Our land: 4-12 hectares of fertile, sheltered, well-drained, well-fenced, gently sloping farmland.

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Emergence & Resistance: (talks, docos) - sovereignty, citizenship, activism …

A woman tries running an organic farm, and confronts the bureaucracy threatening to put her out ...
Farming in Fear
Farming in Fear
Max Igan in free-fall, down the rabbit-hole, connecting the dots, re-bundling reality along the way. Whether ...
The Rise of Technocracy
The Rise of Technocracy
Help Peasants-NZ build an online course, "The Principles of Sustainability" with this approach ...
Designing an Online Course
Designing an Online Course
We Can Do Better Than Capitalism. Here Professor Richard Wolff, a leading advocate for worker co-operatives, ...
Capitalism as Slavery
Capitalism as Slavery
An optimistic vision for renewable technologies developing into a collaborative commons on a global scale ...
The Third Industrial Revolution
The Third Industrial Revolution
The speed of light is not the speed limit of the universe ...
Electric Universe
Electric Universe
The framework of modern revolution, the power of people to change their world and the man ...
How to Start a Revolution
How to Start a Revolution
Animals share our ability to suffer. Taking responsibility for the world's wildlife, and dealing with it ...
For the Animals - It's Mission On
For the Animals – It’s Mission O...

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Public education which includes controversial viewpoints is a way of fostering a much needed discussion on the world's most important issues.
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