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Sugar Baby Feminism
Feminism is leading directly to 1 in 10 college girls (at least) becoming functional prostitutes - called "sugar babies" because I suppose they have cavities ... visit »

Sugar Baby Feminism

Real Value
Business can be used to create value beyond profit; ... visit »

Real Value

Critiquing the Catholic
The only road to Truth is truth itself. And, everywhere power accumulates so does its filth. Watch Christopher Hitchens hose down the Catholic empire: a real-life lesson in what Principled Critiquing looks like ... visit »

Critiquing the Catholic

White spots are offline
With more and more people and devices on the internet we are going to become ‘glass citizens’ in a transparent house; connected for life to a wireless intravenous drip; traced anywhere via our smartphones ... visit »

The Sacred Space – Offline

Robert Steel interview about Trump
Robert Steele is an ardent Trump admirer, and one of the USoA's most unconventional political commentators. He blows the lid on government corruption, deep state secret agenda and other critical topics, he says ... visit »

Trump is in Control

The Rise of Technocracy
Max Igan in free-fall, down the rabbit-hole, connecting the dots, re-bundling reality along the way. Whether he's a nutter or a visioner his perspective on the 5G/IoT issue should be considered long and hard ... visit »

The Rise of Technocracy

America Deluded
About the values that have allowed the American people to flourish, which also provides some insights into the self-delusions of narcissistic narrow-mindedness ... visit »

America Deluded

Muckleshoot Food soveriegnty Project
Washington state's Northwest tribes (the salmon people) have voiced strong concerns around the potential impacts of corporations producing GE-salmon just over the border in Canada ... visit »

Pacific Northwest Salmon People Face Concerns

Jeremy Rifkin on civilisation
Bestselling author and political adviser Jeremy Rifkin investigates the evolution of empathy and the profound ways that it has shaped our development ... visit »

Empathic Civilisation

Loss of the Ethnosphere
National Geographic's Wade Davis, a gifted and articulate scientist, celebrates the extraordinary diversity of the world's indigenous cultures, now disappearing from our planet at an alarming rate ... visit »

Loss of the Ethnosphere

Dirty Bloody Hippies
We had that ability for that short time-frame in history to really question everything fearlessly, and without reserve and without constraint ... visit »

Dirty Bloody Hippies

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