Future Proofing Our Food Resources

Hunting their wild ancestors

Biodiversity is one key to future proofing the planet’s food sources. Dr Street and his team of ‘gene detectives’ play a vital role in this process.

Solutions to this crisis lie within Mother Nature herself in the form of diverse genes found in the wild ancestors of our staple foods – and the man to hunt them down is Dr Ken Street* the Indiana Jones of agriculture. Ken and his team travel to the land where agriculture began nearly 10,000 years ago. The crops growing there have taken centuries to develop robust genetic traits that allow them to thrive in the harshest of climates. Scientists around the world want access to these genes so they may be integrated into food crops compromised by global warming.

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Full length: (51 mins.) ... Date: ( 2008)

Ken Street is an Australian scientist, working at the International Centre For Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA). He devotes his time to scouring ancient villages looking for rare and wild crop seeds. He is accompanied by a team of gene hunters from Australia, USA, Armenia and Russia. Ken’s work is largely funded by ACIAR and GRDC.

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