Length: (8 mins.) ... Date: (Sep 2014) ... Source: https://youtu.be/sEJhlzXrP5M

Noticed the little padlocks next to a sender's name in Gmail? ...began Oct'17.

The green icon represents a paid service from Google, similar to PGP... see End-to-end encryption (link below).

Note: email metadata (sender, recipient and subjetc) never gets encrypted.

Tips on Encrypting Emails

For browser-based accounts -- eg. gMail

Don't be fooled by Google's email encryption in transit. Ir refers to SSL/TLS protection only between your computer and Google's server, then onward to the recipient's computer. The content is remain completely open on Google's mail server.

End-to-end encryption is when your content is encrypted before it is even sent. Only with the right 'key' to unscramble it can anyone ever read it again. Mailvelope organises all that for you, and best of all keeps a database of public keys of all users on a key server - so you don't have to.

This video is a bit dated (2014), so visit Mailvelope's help for an up to date run-down. We recommend installing it even if you don't plan to use it ... for other people who may want to send you encrypted stuff.

Encryption process

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