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Randall Carlson is one of the most highly insightful and literate scientific mavericks ever! Here he gets down to some real science about the issues.
(Global warming ~13 mins.)
This interview with Joe Rogan should be compulsory viewing before anyone is allow to use the phrase "global warming" in public.

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- Greg Braden

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An Expert on the Line, at last !

Randall Carlson bringing you the bigger picture

There are two main problems which stand out about the global warming problem...

  • The myopic oversimplification of the issue(s) into adversativeness by mainstream media[1] - 'Climate Denialism' is now a religion ... with Greta Thunberg as its prophet ?
  • The global warming problem, as openly marketed, generates a profit-filled incentive for those behind it. In other words, it is to the perpetrators advantage to keep on spinning this narrative out as long as possible.

Q. Where is the discussion on the role of industrialised agriculture[2] ?
Q. Why isn't the tourist industry taking a downturn ?
Q. How much merit is there in the solutions being bundled together with the big push ?
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