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Since measurements began in the 1950s, scientists have discovered that there has been a decline of sunlight reaching the Earth; they called it global dimming.

Global Dimming

The Cause of Climate Intervention

English BBC TV-report “Global Dimming” from the year 2007. How the air pollution generated by industry and airplanes effect the impact of sunlight and the condensation cycles here on earth.

Some climate scientists, like David Travis have created a hypothesis that the condensation trails created by airplanes lead to global dimming. The ongoing global air traffic never allowed the thesis to be proved, but after the 9/11 “terror attacks” no plane took off for three days. That allowed climate scientists to measure that the temperature difference was +1,1 degree higher than at the day before the flights were grounded. Such a high difference in temperature was not measured at that spot in over 30 years.

With interviews of the german climatologist Beate Liepert, the climate-scientist David Travis, the israeli scientist Gerald Stanhill and Dr. Atsumu Ohmura (ETH Zürich), who researches this field.

WISH LIST - Location: Paeroa, NZ. The requirements below are located within 4-12 kilometres of Paeroa town centre. Our housing: 4-bedroom house with attached cottage; warm, quiet, private, with sunny garden area and 4-24 healthy fruit trees; Our covered areas: 1 double garage; 1 drive-in workshop (84-124 square metres); 2 storage sheds (each 48-96 square metres); 1 green house (48-124 square metres, working); Our land: 4-12 hectares of fertile, sheltered, well-drained, well-fenced, gently sloping farmland.

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