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One consequence of the Industrial Revolution was that western civilisation ran off the rails of sustainability. For the past decade recovery has not been an option, the road to collapse already chosen. Going forward it is the institutionalisation of the voting populace that is the primary concern.

Several vulnerabilities are building. We expect the trigger to be a global food crisis, 2024-2032. The collapsing world population will bring a much needed relief to the environment, and nature’s abundance will recover in a surprisingly short time.

If there comes an opportunity to restructure the framework of power within a Global Cooperative Forum we must be prepared, practised and organised ready to engage it. Thus the Peasants Film Club lays stress on learning about the attitudes and arrangements that brought all that pass.

The long-term solution we foster is for people who are interested in these issues to join forces, to sow the seeds of a new society born of a commitment to sustainable living. This needs a different type of food-land-people assemblage where ordinary people can integrate their lives around the land that feeds them. We called it Agrarian Rural Urban Synthesis (AgRUS).


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What’s next …

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  5. Get busy … pick a project
  6. Upcoming …The Principles of Sustainability
  7. Watch: Timeline toward human annihilation – (2017)

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