The motives of Empire are ever the same; loot, land, labour. The pursuit of gain through bullying, deceit and corruption identify this universal brand.

The Peasant Film Club

is here to expose the offensiveness of Globalisation:
the destructiveness of its of financialising, privatising, centralising and gulibilising agendas.

Be informed, demand better outcomes

OUR FOCUS is upon health, agriculture, and social equality, aspiring to advance ideas about people-driven, regionalised food production. We believe that the pivot to sustainable living (institutional, environmental, economic, etc.) rests upon mending the links between FOOD, LIFE & Love of the LAND.

LEARN about it, LAMENT about it, then ORGANISE about it …

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See topics » land use, agriculture, healthy growing, soil; permaculture, GMO; seed sovereignty;

See topics » open source, commons, commoning, common law, internet, networking

See topics » wealth, money, poverty, dispossession, empire,

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FOOD - seldom the focus, ALWAYS the context.

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