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An activists' resource to spread the ideas and the resolve for change: through the better understanding of agriculture, commoning, banking, social justice, geopolitics, history ...

#1: Sharing network: - Peasant Film Club  - to broaden the urgency for deep change.
#2: Online course: - The Laws of Sustainability - extending 'natural selection' into patterns for 100% sustainable living.
#3: Workshop: - Social Citizenship - a political/ moral framework for recycling abundance.
#4: Community: - Agrarian rural-urban synthesis - networking to resettle the countryside.

‌  The issue is not merely that we should resolve the world's urgent crises, but that we must do so in a radically new way.

Something new must emerge. What is needed is not going to emerge from the patterns of international treaties, national politics, or even from the most underground of civil movements.
That something new can only emerge from everybody altogether—

the power of humankind as a totality.

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  • Sand Wars (2013)
  • Food Evolution (2016)
  • The Seed Hunter (2004)
  • Liars & Outliers (2012)


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